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Even in the 70's we were still concerned about the environment, and Look-in did it's part to keep everybody abreast of what was happening in the world of nature.

Wildlife World was added, edited in association with Windsor Safari Park, presumably they got some help from Windsor, although admittedly a lot of the information could have been researched.

The feature usually focused on a particular wild animal, and had lots of information and statistics. Occasionally there was bad news to tell, if a featured animal was declining in numbers, giving useful information on how the reader could help stop this.

Also there were occasional tips and advice for anyone wanting to work with, or keep specialist types of animals, all in all if you were animal potty this was the feature for you.

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As with the young cooks, there was a club that could be joined, for 50p a year, members received a badge, a sew-on patch, and a half-price entry voucher for Windsor Safari Park, as well as regular newsletters.

You could be forgiven for thinking the feature was an advert for Windsor as, as well as the club. Every so often there would be news of events, and celebrity visits to the zoo.

The feature ended in less than a year, but it was not the last readers would see of our animal friends, as Look-in brought in another feature not long after called Animal Allsorts.

Whilst not exactly an animal nut, I did find the feature informative, and interesting.

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