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The Tomorrow People was the brainchild of Roger Price. Set in the present, it featured the next stage of human evolution, 'Homo-Superior'. John was the first to become one, or 'Break-out' as it was known, He was soon joined by a host of other teenagers as the programme progressed, both on TV and during it's time in Look-in. Read about them by clicking below. The teenagers gifts were varied, they all had the power of 'telekinesis' (The power to move object with their minds), 'Telepathy', (talking to each other through their minds) and 'Teleportation' (being able to disappear and appear somewhere different) or 'Jaunting' as they put it, although if they wanted to go long distances they needed to be guided by TIM via 'Jaunting belts'. TIM is a 'Bio-tronic' computer, this means he is part machinery, part organic.

TIM was built by John, and now watches over the teenagers, from their base 'The Lab', which is in a disused part of the London Underground. The teenagers had other varied talents, including talents unique to them such as Mike Bell's ability to open locks. The strip in Look-in provided a wealth of stories, some really good, some really too weird for words, but there were some outrageous storylines in the series, 'A man for Emily' instantly springs to mind as one fans would rather forget!

The strip started good with some strong storylines, including a good one where the teenagers go into the past and change history by accident, and arrive back in the future, where the Third Reich have taken over the world., the strips became less believable as it went on, walking trees taking over the planet?! Another case of a strip outstaying it's welcome.

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The strip was written by Angus P. Allan, and drawn by John M. Burns, in colour, then by Mike Noble in B&W. It reverted to colour usually when a new member came in. There was a memorable stint (for the wrong reasons) by Bill Titcombe, when the TP's met 'Manga the Mighty' (Above Right), a huge gorilla who was out of control in London.

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