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7th August 1976 to 19th May 1979[]

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by John M. Burns (JMB) and John Bolton (JB)

Bionic Woman issues

Started 7th August 1976 - No.33 (Top Left), replacing The Tomorrow People (1st Run).

Ended 19th May 1979 - No.13 (Top Right), replaced by CHiPs (1st Run).

"Going undercover...in style"

7/8/76 No.33 to --/--/-- No.--

Jaime goes undercover as a a fashion model, to retrieve a Billion dollars worth of gold bullion before it crosses the border to China.


"Joe Eagle"

<<16/10/76 No.43 to --/--/-- No.--

Joe Eagle is a full blooded Native Indian boy who joins Jaime's class. On his way home he is accosted by two men, luckily for Joe the whole thing is spotted by Jaime...



? to ?


"The Gift of Death"

<< 8/1/77 No.2 to 19/2/77 No.8

A mad tycoon plants a micro bomb in the neck of a racehorse called 'Gunsmoke'. It is an intended gift for Sheik Abdullah Bin Said, a 'peace offering' to improve Arab/Mexican relations. The OSO find out about the horse and make a switch, but can Jaime get the horse back to civilisation before the bomb goes off?...


"Big Top"

26/2/77 No.9 to 17/4/77 No.16

Jaime joins a Russian circus as a weightlifter, but it is of course a cover, to uncover a plan to assassinate the Russian President.


"Cool Hand Jaime"

23/4/77 No.17 to 11/6/77 No.24

Jaime becomes a Vegas croupier to get closer to Sonny Catina, a casino owner who the OSO are convinced is passing on state secrets to the USSR...


"The Vacation"

18/6/77 No.25 to 16/7/77 No.31

In a continuation from the previous story, her having cleared Sonny of his involvement in the previous caper, he invites Jamie to a vacation aboard his luxury yacht, but Jaime narrowly escapes death when Sonny's Yacht is blown up...


"Cry Wolf"

23/7/77 No.32 to 24/9/77 No.--39

When Sam Walsky a notorious fibber confides in Jaime that he was ambushed by 'four armed aliens', naturally she doesn't believe him...but this time he is telling the truth.


"Flight to Danger"

1/10/77 No.40 to 5/11/77 No.46

Jaime goes undercover as an air stewardess, in an attempt to outwit a terrorist group, but Jaime's cover is blown and the terrorists hijack a different plane, luckily Jaime finds out in time and is able to sneak onboard...


"Pageant of Peril"

12/11/77 No.47 to 7/1/78 No.4

Jaime takes on the guise of a beauty contest hopeful, in an effort to recover the plans of a top secret weapon.


"The Crash"

14/1/78 No.3 to --/--/-- No.--

On her way to a routine physical, Jaime, along with Oscar witnesses a plane crash. They decide to stop and help...


"Photo Finish"

<< 18/2/78 No.8 to --/--/-- No.--

Jaime is sent to search for parts of a photo-satellite, but she is in danger from a group of men searching for the same thing...


 "Jungle Jeopardy"

<< 4/3/78 No.10 to --/--/-- No.--

A helicopter carrying a young girl crashes in a remote jungle, Jaime is sent to find her, but amongst all the deadly perils of the jungle...


"The Dark Island"

<< 25/3/78 No.13 to 29/4/78 No.18

Jaime is sent to rescue an American diplomat from an island run by a gang of terrorists.


"Suicidal Tendencies"

6/5/78 No.19 to 17/6/78 No.25

An assassin called Karsh has developed 'Pinball', a weapon that targets the brain, and compels the person to 'commit suicide', and his next target is Jaime...


"Sick Joke"

24/6/78 No.26 to 31/7/78 No.31

When Jaime saves someone's life, she is given an unusual reward, a key that was bequeathed to the rescued man, it belongs to a chest hidden in a very uninviting looking house...



5/8/78 No.32 to 30/9/78 No.40

Jaime becomes a stuntwoman, to find an enemy spy who is working for a film company.


"African Adventure"

7/10/78 No.41 to 9/12/78 No.49

When a spy station in Africa becomes unusually quiet, Jaime is sent to investigate. Her guides are killed off or disappear, until Jaime finds herself facing things alone...



15/12/78 No.50 to 17/2/79 No.8

When a top agent is passed over for promotion, he becomes bitter and plots revenge on the OSO...



24/2/79 No.9 to 19/5/79 No.21

Jaime poses as an archaeologist in an attempt to discover a secret base in the Sahara, but she faces a fight for survival when her cover is blown...


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