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Bionic Woman title

The Bionic Woman was a spin-off from the incredibly successful series, The Six Million Dollar Man, itself also a Look-in picture strip. TBW started as a story in the SMDM, Steve meets an old flame, Jamie Sommers (Lindsay Wagner). They rekindle their romance, but tragedy strikes whilst on a day out skydiving, when Jaime's parachute becomes tangled and she crashes to Earth. Now in a critical condition, there is only one thing that can save Jaime's life. Steve begs Rudy (Alan Oppenheimer) and Oscar (Richard Anderson) to afford the same Bionic treatment that saved his own life. After much discussion they finally agree to do the operation, Jaime gets two legs, an arm and a super-sensitive ear. In the second part of the two part story, Jaime's body rejects the bionics and she eventually dies, but the character proved to be so popular she was resurrected and given her own series. In the series Jaime took the cover of a school teacher at Ventura airbase, but was also an agent for the O.S.I. like Steve, working for Oscar. Rudy also appeared in the series, but was played this time by Martin E. Brooks. The series has recently been resurrected, with ex-Eastender Michelle Ryan taking the title role.

Bionic Woman artwork

Was there any need for a second 'bionic' strip? Some may say the space was wasted because the series covered similar ground to The Six Million Dollar Man, but it must have kept the female readership happy, and it was always popular in the readers poll, and the 'bionic' theme was a very popular one, so much so that a bit of extra life was given to the characters when The Bionic Woman eventually finished, as Jaime and Steve joined forces in a short-lived strip called Bionic Action. The BW strip was drawn first by John M. Burns, who drew the strip in his fast-paced dynamic style. It was taken over later on by John Bolton, who's beautifully crafted paintings/drawings, were so good, sometimes it was easy to forget you were reading a comic strip. Some may say he was a bit wasted on comics, but we Look-in readers were grateful to have a such a great artist to grace our pages. Written by Angus P. Allan, the stories were varied and in the main very absorbing.

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