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In these days of satellite TV with it's hundreds of channels, it's easy to forget that at one time we only had four, but even then, the need to get viewers was as intense as it is now. It was really important to let the potential viewing public know what was coming to their set in the near future.

The TV Times and Radio Times had been doing a fine job of this for the adults, and when Look-in was introduced it, in it's own small way, carried on this tradition for the kids.

Lookin listings

TV Listings through the years

ITV was split up into regions and Look-in covered most, if not all of these. Areas covered were:

Granada:- North-West England (Still Exists) Tyne Tees:- North-East England (Still Exists) Southern:- South of England (Now Television South) Anglia:- East Anglia (Still Exists) Border:- Scottish Border and Isle of Man (No Longer Exists) Channel:- Channel Islands (Still Exists) Grampian:- North of Scotland (Now amalgamated with Scottish) Scottish (STV):- Central Scotland (Now amalgamated with Grampian) HTV:- Wales and West of England (Now ITV1 Wales) London Weekend Television/Thames:- London (Now ITV London) ATV:- London and the Midlands (Now Central Television) Ulster:- Northern Ireland (Still Exists) Yorkshire:- Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (Now ITV Yorkshire)

(n.b. some of these channels may dissapear soon, when analogue TV is switched off.)

The listings had the days of the week under each channel logo, with 5 or 6 of the best programmes from both children's and early evening viewing for each day. Throughout the 70's the format for these page remained largely the same, but when the magazine's format changed, the feature was merged into a bigger feature called Switch On!' which contained more detailed features on some of the weeks best programmes, and a letters section for Look-in readers to comment on current programmes and to recommend other readers to watch what they were enthusing about.

Not the most amazing feature but they did a job.