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Look-in had it's share of puzzling over the years, from it's early roots with, Stewpot's Crossword, right through to Fun Assortment in the new format, but none so endearing as Stewpot's Starchart, the idea of Starchart was very simple, to find the hidden words and phrases hidden in the grid.

The words and phrases would generally follow a theme, for example recent charts hits, animals or famous people, or in the case on the right, The Wild West.

The player would start at a letter in one type of shape as indicated, and end with a letter in another shape, following the word around was not always so easy. An easy one is seen on the bottom right, for the clue 'What the men were called', the answer 'Cowboys', as seen surrounded in red, longer answers would snake around the board making them difficult to trace.

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Stewpot's Newsdesk features

When the player had found all of the answers they were left with a stray word or phrase that there was no clue for, this word could be posted to Look-in on a postcard, to go into a draw for the princely sum of £3! I was a Starchart addict, and tried on numerous occasions without success....

A great and very memorable feature, and I hope one you enjoyed too.