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11th August 1979 to 18th April 1981[]

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by Arthur Ranson

Lookin steelissues

Sapphire And Steel issues

Started 11th August 1979 - No.33, (Top Left) replacing Meet The Smurfs (which reverts to 1 page).

2nd Run Started 9th August 1980 - No.33, (Top Middle) replacing The Further Adventures Of Oliver Twist.

Ended 18th April 1981 - No.17, (Top Right) replaced by Smuggler.

1st Run - 11/8/79 - 3/5/80

"The beast in the picture"

11/8/79 - No.33 to 29/9/79 - No.40

A strange beast, forces an artist to paint pictures with the power to enslave.


6/10/79 - No.41 to 3/11/79 - No.45

A young deaf girl is given the power to turn her thoughts into reality, by a Victorian necklace.

"Death of an officer"

10/11/79 - No.46 to 15/12/79 - No.51

An anchor provides the key to the untimely death of a Napoleonic officer.

"Disappearing act"

22/12/79 - No.52 to 12/1/80 - No.3

When a man actually disappears during a magic act, he is replaced by an evil Egyptian god.

"Evil feline"

19/1/80 - No.4 to 2/2/80 - No.6

A girl has an imaginary pet cat, who becomes real....and evil of course.

"The meeting place"

9/2/80 - No.7 to 8/3/80 - No.11

An wartime officer is brought back from the past, by a military badge, and the duo must prevent him from bringing a deadly weapon into the future.

"Life force"

15/3/80 - No.12 to 29/3/80 - No.14

Sapphire and Steel arrive too late to stop a train plummeting off a bridge, but can they alter time to save the life of a young girl?

"The great fire of London"

5/4/80 - No.15 to 3/5/80 - No.19 When Sapphire and steel travel back to help a boy, they find themselves in the middle of the great fire of London.

Sapphire and Steel takes a break, replaced by The further adventures of Oliver Twist.

2nd Run - 9/8/80 - 18/4/81

"The spirit of Cawdroc"

9/8/80 - No.33 to 7/9/80 - No.37

A dog falls into a cavern, and when a boy tries to rescue the dog, he awakens an evil spirit.

"The mill"

9/8/80 - No.38 to 25/10/80 - No.44

When protestors try to stop the demolition of a mill, the spirit of a Victorian slave takes over one of them.

"The mask"

1/11/80 - No.45 to 29/11/80 - No.49

A man is taken back in time to to darkest Africa, where he is to retrace the steps of one of his ancestors.

"The Sorcerer"

6/12/80 - No.50 to 17/1/81 - No.4

A sorcerer snatches two children, and plans to use them to make London a 'devil's domain'.


24/1/81 - No.5 to 21/3/81 - No.13

Whilst on a ferry trip, two children find and play a set of pan pipes, and are whisked to a land of elves, dwarves and fairies.

"The Pied Piper"

28/3/81 - No.14 to 18/4/81 - No.17

The pied piper, now an evil time agent, uses the music of a famous pop group, to lure children into oblivion.

(All stories in colour)

(Story titles are made up)