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Martin Asbury

Look-in Asbury.jpg

Born - ?

Died -

Category - Artist

Strips Drawn:

Kung Fu

The Six Million Dollar Man

Dick Turpin

Battlestar Galactica

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Martin started in art attending Merchant Taylors School and St. Martins School of Art, straight after he started drawing strips like Flash Gordon, his first big break was drawing Garth for the Daily Mirror, he also wrote it at first, before the writing duties were taken over by Look-in's Angus P. Allan.

He was later picked up himself by Look-in in 1974, and his first strip was Kung Fu.

Martin has also had a very successful career as a storyboard artist, and has done boards for a lot of the more recent Bond films, as well as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Batman Begins, Troy and many others. He concentrates mostly on this type of work now.

Martin stayed with Look-in until 1981. He didn't draw many strips but his were among the longest running.