29th July 1972 - No.31 - 27th Jan 1973 - No.5 Edit

Written by Alan Fennell (Unconfirmed)

Drawn by Brian Lewis

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Mark Strong issues

Started 29th July 1972 - No.31, replacing Unknown.

Ended 27th Jan 1973 - No.5, (above) replaced by Unknown.

"Meet Mark Strong" (Teaser Strip)

29/7/72 - No.31

A short strip introducing us to Mark.

"Death Race"

5/8/72 - No.32 to 7/10/72 - No.41

I.C.E. threaten to kill top Italian racing-car manufacturer Carletti if his daughter does not persuade Mark Strong to race for the Carletti team in the Grand Prix. Instructed by the Thinking Computer to play along, Mark Strong agrees to race in a bid to discover how the syndicate is smuggling gold bullion into Britain.

"Mystery Cruise"

14/10/72 - No.42 to 9/12/72 - No.50

A puzzled Mark Strong is sent on a Caribbean cruise with a small party of scientists. When a prehistoric reptile is sighted, he goes below decks to fetch his camera, but is hit from behind. Regaining consciousness, he finds all the scientists have vanished and sets out with research assistant Leila to find them.

(n.b. Leila's surname is given as 'Marchand' in No.43, but is 'Marchant' in No.49)

"Go For Goal!"

16/12/72 - No.51 to 27/1/73 - No.5

Investigating the death of a groundsman, Mark Strong goes undercover as the new striker for first division team Melford United. But I.C.E. are determined he won't be alive when the team goes on its European tour!

(N.B. Story titles are made up)

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