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Man From Atlantis, was the story of a man found on a beach. The man was found barely alive, although it was not clear at first why he was there, and why he seemed to be having trouble breathing. He is taken to hospital where he is lucky enough to be spotted by Dr, Elizabeth Merrill (Belinda Montgomery) a scientist at the 'Foundation for Oceanic Research', who upon realising that the the man has webbed hands and feet, decides to take drastic action, she submerges the man in water and after a few minutes the man starts to come back to life.

Elizabeth talks to the man and finds he is a survivor of the legendary underwater civilisation of Atlantis. They 'christen' the man Mark Harris, and he decides to join the foundation, headed by C.W. Crawford (Alan Fudge), to study the oceans.

The institute always conducted it's surveys and investigations from onboard the 'Cetacean', a futuristic submarine, with a lot of high-tech equipment onboard. Mark had now been added to this, as his abilities would further their knowledge of the oceans at a far greater speed now.

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Mark (Played by Patrick Duffy), has incredible underwater abilities, including fast swimming speed, withstanding great water pressures, and of course the ability to stay under for immense lengths of time, this was always noted by the station announcer, 'Do not try to copy Mark Harris as the scenes are created with special effects and editing'. Look-in mirrored this warning at the side of every strip, to deter us idiots trying to imitate Mark, not that it stopped us mind...!!!

Mark as with every super hero, had an arch enemy alongside all the other terrors of the deep. Mr. Schubert (Victor Buono) was a tyrannical scientist, who plans to destroy the people of the world by any means possible. He became a reoccurring character in the series.

The strip (Drawn by Mike Noble, and later John Cooper for one story), as you'd expect was beautifully drawn, the sea life particularly, was depicted in superb detail, coupled with great writing, made the strip a really good read, but much like the series it was very short-lived, lasting less than a year, before being replaced with Enid Blyton's Famous Five.

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