8th April 1978 to 30th September 1978 Edit

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by Arthur Ranson

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Logans Run issues

Started 8th April 1978 - No.15 (Top Left), replacing Abba Exclusive Official.

Ended 30th September 1978 - No.40 (Top Right), replaced by How The West Was Won

"The Exalted Ones"

8/4/78 - No.15 to 6/5/78 - No.19

Whilst trying to outrun Francis, Logan and Jessica stumble upon a secret entrance to a lost underground city. When they meet the inhabitants, they think the pair are Gods, and immediately start worshipping them...


13/5/78 - No.20 to 20/5/78 - No.21

The trio find refuge in a disused fairground museum, but when they find Francis and his men have traced them inside, they use the fairground rides to their advantage...

"A Chance In Time"

27/5/78 - No.22 to 1/7/78 - No.27

The party come across what Rem thinks is a time machine, they decide to use it to escape from Francis, but they find they have jumped out of the proverbial frying pan when they arrive in the past just before the 'Neutronic Weapon' that destroyed the world is about to be deployed. Logan thinks he can prevent the detonation and change the future....but can they?...

"Computer Brain"

8/7/78 - No.28 to 5/8/78 - No.32

Logan and Jessica are captured and taken to a city inhabited by robots, and not friendly ones. Worse still, when they arrive they find Rem there, but he seems to be under the influence of 'Electonax' a computerised brain, who has control of all the robots in the city...

"The Savages"

12/8/78 - No.33 to 30/9/78 - No.40

When Francis and his men are captured by a troop of savage horsemen, Jessica and Rem are stunned when Logan suggests an attempt to rescue them...

(All strips were B/W)

(Titles are made up)

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