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It is the 23rd century, years after a nuclear war, people are now living in areas cut off from one another. In one of these areas, the 'City Of Domes', people have everything they could wish for in terms of food, drink and pleasures, but there is a price...they must give up their lives at the age of 30. In a bizarre ritual known as 'Carousel', the occupants of the City of are led to believe that they are 'Renewed' into a better life. Some try to resist, the so called 'Runners'. They are hunted down and killed by 'Sandmen', the policing unit of the city. Logan (Gregory Harrison), is one such sandman, and when his time runs unduly short, he enlists the help of another runner, Jessica (Heather Menzies), to help him escape the city. This then is the backdrop to Logan's Run, an American series that ran here in 1978. Based on the movie of the same name, which wasn't hugely successful at the time, but has since become a cult classic, it is still remembered and is shown regularly today. The creators of Charlie's Angels, Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, decided to expand on Logan's story, and came up with a series of adventures.

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In the series, Logan is pursued by a troop of sandmen led by Francis (Randy Powell), who was Logan's best friend in the city but is now sworn to hunt him down and kill him if necessary. The runners meet up with Rem (Donald Moffatt), who they find out is actually an android, Rem turns out to be a useful ally in all sorts of ways. Together they travel Earth in a hovercar which they acquire, and meet up with different pockets of survivors of the war. Most of course turn out to be nasty, or unruly in some way, and cause the trio various problems which they must sort out. They always come out on top naturally, and continue on their journey to 'Sanctuary' a mysterious and mythical place, where it is believed runners can live in safety. I really enjoyed the movie, and was glad when this spin-off arrived, but it's repeats have been few since it's first showing in 1978.

Catergory:Strips The strip was ok, it was drawn by Arthur Ranson. Ranson didn't come into his own for me though, until Sapphire And Steel, this wasn't badly drawn, although the backgrounds were pretty sparse in the main, in some ways it fitted in with the futuristic feel though. The stories were really good, and all in all a fine supplement to the series.

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