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Madness were one of the most successful singles groups of the 80's, so it seemed natural that that Look-in would sooner or later have a strip about them.

The group comprised Graham 'Suggs' McPherson (Vocals), Chris 'Bedders' Bedford (Bass), Mike Barson (Keyboards), Chris 'Chrissy Boy' Forman (Guitar), Lee 'Kix' Thompson (Sax), Dan 'Woody' Woodgate (Drums) and Chas Smash (Trumpet).

They have notched up no less than 34 chart hits, including one No.1 - 'House of Fun', amongst a plethora of other gems such as 'My Girl', 'Baggy Trousers', 'Our House' and 'It Must be Love'.

Some 28 years later they are still playing together, and are regular crowd pleasers, they play a yearly 'Madstock' concert.

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It's Madness artwork (Picture on far left colourised by Shaqui Le Vesconte)

The strip began on 12th September 1981, as one of the first new strips in the new version of Look-in, with it's changed format.

It's a bit difficult to describe the strip, it wasn't a biography, and not even a story strip really, it was just the boys in a series of madcap situations (quite apt really), in a similar style to episodes of 'The Monkees'.

Drawn by Harry North, who spookily has connections with the magazine 'MAD', as he drew covers for it. Harry's zany style was perfect for the strip.

The strip ended in 1983 and was replaced by another pop group strip, Bucks Fizz.

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