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Dick Turpin was one of an illustrious line of programmes written by Richard Carpenter, who specialised in historical drama. He wrote Catweazle, Smuggler and Robin of Sherwood, which were also strips in Look-in, but he also wrote other stuff too.

The series covered the continuing adventures of Dick Turpin, the notorious highwayman whose cry of 'Stand and Deliver!' sparked fear into every man and woman unlucky enough to come face to face with him.

Dick (Richard O'Sullivan), made his living by robbing unsuspecting travellers, and taking their valuables. Astride his horse 'Black Bess' and with his trusted partner in crime Nick Smith or 'Swiftnick' (Michael Deeks), they terrorised the 18th century countryside. Always on the look-out for Turpin is the hapless Captain Nathan Spiker (David Daker), under orders from Sir John Glutton (Christopher Benjamin), he is sworn to catch Turpin and bring him to the gallows.

Dick Turpin artwork

The series was fantastic, I loved the theme by Denis King too, so much that I sought a recording of it, which I eventually got, but had to order. The episodes were only 30 minutes though, much too short in my opinion, but they packed a lot into the time.

The strip was really good, Martin Asbury adding a lot of flair to the artwork, making it a great read from start to finish. Angus P. Allan's take on the series was really good too, some inventive plots, and also keeping a lot of the humour that made the series so watchable. One of the better strips to appear in Look-in, shame it didn't last longer.

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