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1st Jan 1971 - No.1 Edit

replacing Nothing (new feature)

to 13th May 1972 >> Edit

replaced by Unknown

David Nixon's Magic Box was one of the major opening features. Taking it's title from the series of the same name appearing on Monday nights at the time. David Nixon was the big name in magic back then, the early 70's Paul Daniels if you will, and one of the great pioneers of a lot of the illusionists that went after him. I seem to remember Anita Harris on the show (how many of you remember her?), she did a singing spot, but although I'm unsure, I think she was his assistant too.

The feature as mentioned, began on 9th January 1971, and was an introduction to simple magic for us budding magicians, taking an all too small slot at the side of the 'Please Sir!' strip, showing one or two tricks. The tricks were a mix of simple slight of hand, or sometimes scientific and optical illusions, that you could try with simple household objects.

The bottom of the feature always had a puzzle slot called 'Teaser Time', which gave a mind-bending puzzle that the reader could find the answer to in the next issue, thereby enticing the reader to buy it.

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David Nixon's Magic Box features

The feature ran for a while and then took a break, when it returned on 13th May 1972 it had grown to take a full page in the comic. Incidentally, the show returned to TV that same week, but the title had changed to 'The David Nixon Show', the feature's name however, remained unchanged.

The illustrations by David Jefferis were nothing spectacular, but did the job. and were sometimes easier to understand than the descriptions.

Another feature which had me hooked, I couldn't wait to try the tricks every week and astound/bore my family.