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'Catweazle' was another product of the fertile imagination of Richard carpenter, who would become a long time friend of Look-in, having no less than 5 of his series covered in strips over the years. The series centres around the title character who is an 18th century Sorcerer, not a very adept one even in those times. He finds himself cornered by a troop of Norman soldiers, and tries to evade capture by casting a 'Spell of Flight', but unfortunately it flies him further than he expected, into the mid 20th century to be exact.

Catweazle (played brilliantly by Geoffrey Bayldon) is of course dumbfounded by everything and thinks all the modern day conveniences are run by some sort of magic which he calls 'Electrickery'. He also has names for other things, which are usually just adaptations of the proper names e.g. 'Telling-Bone' - Telephone.

He is befriended by a boy called Edward Bennett known locally as 'Carrot' (Robin Davies), who is always around to keep him out of mischief, or try to at least. Carrot was replaced by Cedric (played by Gary Warren) in series 2.

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Catweazle hides out in 'Castle Saburac', in the area, with his only companion, his 'Familiar' - a toad called 'Touchwood', until he can find a way to get back to his own time.

The series has a lot of parallels with 'Worzel Gummidge', a later series that appeared in Look-in. A strange man with a secret, looked after and kept out of trouble by kids, set in the country, and Geoffrey Bayldon as one of the main stars (he played The Crowman in Worzel).

The strip was first drawn by Gerry Embleton. Gerry could have chosen to draw in a very caricatured way, considering the show comedic elements, but instead chose to play it straight, and thus the strips were very absorbing, with some inventive scripting from Angus P. Allan.

This was a very memorable strip, of an even more memorable series.

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