20th October 1979 to 11th October 1980 Edit

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by Martin Asbury

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Battlestar Galactica issues

Started 20th October 1979 - No.40, (Top Left) replacing Dick Turpin.

Ended 11th October 1980 - No.5, (Top Right) replaced by Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.

"Time Bomb"

20/10/79 - No.43 to 12/01/80 - No.3

During an attack, crippled Freighter Eighteen is left behind and boarded by Cylons. The injured Captain Heffren is taken to the 'Galactica' but at a loss to explain why he alone was left alive when his crew were killed. Befriended by Boxey, the recuperating Heffren is unaware he has been implanted with an Impulse Microvator that places him under the control of the Cylon Imperious Leader...(Colour)

"Beautiful Mirage"

19/01/80 - No.4 to 10/02/80 - No.16

Investigating a habitable but seemingly uninhabited planet, the 'Galactica' is surprised to find a huge space-ship in orbit. When the ship makes no move, Apollo leads an expedition to the surface, to be confronted by the beautiful Sarany. But when no-one else sees her, Apollo's mental condition is questioned...(Colour)

"The Fever"

17/02/80 - No.17 to 12/07/80 - No.29

Attempting to deal with an outbreak of the contagious parahelial fever - deadly to adults but non-fatal to the 42 children on board - strands Apollo and Boxey on the freighter 'Orestes' during a Cylon attack. The freighter is captured, and Apollo is brought before the Imperious Leader, while Boxey rallies the children to form a rescue...(Colour)


19/07/80 - No.30 to 11/10/80 - No.42

Exploring the planet Zardak, the shuttle carrying Apollo, Starbuck and Athena is shot down, and they are enslaved to work in the mines is gluttonous dictator Mendrix. The tyrant is an ally of the Cylons, whose presence is unknown to the 'Galactica', and when Boomer launches in a shuttle to find his friends, he finds Boxey and Muffit have stowed aboard...(B/W)

(Chronology by Shaqui Le Vesconte)

(Story titles are made up)

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